make an appointment you will have an ever better time

March 24th, 2020 by

If you ever went to a barbershop without an appointment, you know how it feels to wait endlessly for someone to help you.  At Jack Phelan that isn’t the case, but if you make an appointment you will have an ever better time, because our dedicated team members will clean the car up for you, sanitize it, and have it pulled up front ready to be tested.  All you have to do is come inside say hello, let us make a copy of your driver’s license for liability and you are ready to go. We will make your experience quick, hassle free and painless and best of all our transparent team members will provide you with an honest price without any games. 


So get the best price and still be home before the evening news at Jack Phelan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Let us know if you would like to compare two models.  We will help you by bringing two vehicles up front for you to mash up against each other so that you can see which one fits your family and you better for your needs.   Additionally, our amazing team will help you find the best finance program for your needs and help you get the best of both worlds. Pick the perfect car from our huge inventory at and let us have it pulled up and clean for you. 


The best price deals are here and you will never forget how easy it was to buy your new Jeep, Dodge Chrysler or Ram from Jack Phelan.  Just call Seba Nowak or Mr. Hollywood, let us know which vehicle to pull up for you and we will have it ready when you get here. No waiting, no time wasting, just an easy test drive.  After that it’s upfront pricing, simple numbers and you can decide how to go on. At Jack Phelan we take the no pressure approach to buying because we know it is a big decision you do not make often.  So come on out and let us make this experience unique and extraordinary for you. If you have any questions prior to arrival our tech savvy reps are ready to guide you with walkaround videos, additional photos and more.  We are ready to help you buy your new vehicle your way.  


If you don’t want to drive out check out our Phelan Home Direct for a safe and painless way to buy entirely from home, never leaving your abode.  Give us a call and let us help you get started.

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