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Ram ProMaster is back for another year with the Ram ProMaster 3500 159 inch wheelbase extended.  We have all the trims and colors in stock and we even offer the option of getting your new ProMaster online, whether you plan on expanding your fleet for your business or you want to partake in van life, the 3500 is the perfect size for larger operations or those seeking to fit more inside of their van.  With 13 feet of cargo floor length this high roof cargo van can accommodate tools, packages, and machinery for all sorts of needs, or if you are the adventuring type a whole ton of furniture to make the outdoor lifestyle a little bit more luxurious. Here at the Number 1 Ram ProMaster Center in the United States we have plenty of choices and an inventory full of the latest models. 

The dimensions of the 2020 Ram ProMaster 3500 159″ wheelbase Extended high roof are the same as  for last years model. The cargo floor extends for 13 feet, the interior space for the high roof is 76 inches and the loading floor is only 21 inches from the ground making loading up easier than ever before.  With a super wide between wheel wells width of 55.8 inches you are certain to fit many goodies and tons of pallets in this beauty. Additionally if you are not familiar with the Ram ProMaster’s story it is one of glory, this vehicle is the love child of Fiat’s nimble nature and Ram’s durability and engineering prowess.  The ProMaster is modeled after it’s European cousin the Doblo and Ducato and hence its tight turning radius that allows for easy maneuvering on tight city streets. Parking is not a problem either as the high hanging back up camera provides the driver with a thorough view of the obstacles. Additionally if you work with the largest Ram ProMaster Center in the United States you get to save time and save money.  The best deals and the best price are here at the center and all you have to do is call Sebastian Nowak to get them. 

Whether you are planning to use the van as an expediter van or as a work van the Ram ProMaster is here to suit you.  The 159″ inch wheel base extended is the largest in the family and offers plenty of room with the near 90 degree walls.  When you shop with the number one Ram Promaster center in the United States you don’t have to worry about paying the manufacturer suggested retail price.  We make shopping easy, with our PhD ProMaster Home Direct Program which allows you to get your delivery van without ever leaving your home or office. Yes, that means you can buy online your next commercial van and save thousands of dollars below MSRP.  What the ProMaster Home Direct program allows you to do is get the best price without draining your deposit account, we will allow you to increase your savings and your high yield savings accounts because of our transparency and our no haggle easy price policy.  Additionally as a Business Link dealer we can take care of all of your service needs, from oil changes to quicker service. Whether you are looking for a regular van or a crew van we have the solution for you, we even have box truck and chassis cab versions for those looking for a very specific kind of van.

Set up automatic payments with your online banking and get to work with your new cargo van.  At the number 1 Ram ProMaster Center in the United States you don’t have to worry about paying the sticker price or getting up-charged into the fourth dimension.  As a business center we work with all kinds of clients and all sorts of credit scores and down payments, don’t worry we will help you grow your fleet. We have a plentiful inventory and so we are well equipped to assist you in purchasing multiple units at once if you do so desire, plus with our energy efficient promasters you will win in more than one way by not have your money market account nor your online savings account drained. We aren’t afraid to show the invoice price and provide you with the best deal upfront regardless of where you are located, because that is the beauty of the Phelan Home Direct Program, you can buy online without ever leaving your home and the van and paperwork will get delivered to your door.  We are not among your average car dealers, we specialize in helping corporations, businesses and even owner operators get their fleet up and running or help you expand it. We aren’t the federal reserve and our goal is not controlling the money supply, our goal is to make you feel as if your investment into a van is as secure as certificates of deposit and that when you spend money for the long term you get the deal of long term benefit. 

With the help of the ProMaster Home Direct we can also get your financing set up for you, with a plethora of different programs including the first time buyer, the business startup, the little to no money down and even a fleet program we can help you get the best Ram ProMaster 3500 159 inch wheelbase extended for your for the lowest monthly payments possible.  We will utilize our connections with over 70 different financial institutions we work with to get you the best interest rate and a minimum payment down. Our goal is to make your van purchase as easy as a trip to the grocery store or even easier, as all you have to do is call Sebastian Nowak, the Ram ProMaster Director of Operations and he will help you figure out which Promaster size is best for you and assist you in securing financing and establish the delivery process for you as well.  The 2020 Ram ProMaster 3500 doesn’t have to be out of reach, you can get this huge nimble van with all its features and glory and its amazing Front wheel drive train for less and often even below the invoice price when you choose to work with Sebastian Nowak. The amazing 3.6L Pentastar engine will propel you onward and the ingenious design will keep your van running for many years to come. Plus choose from all colors available in our huge inventory and take your business to the next level.  Find out why so many people are choosing us to secure their vans. We will not only get you approved and moving we will also help you save time and save money and get rid of the headache associated with typical car buying. We guarantee that you will have the best experience ever buying a car when you choose to work with the number one Ram ProMaster Center in the United States. You have to call Seba.

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