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Sebastian Nowak or Seba for short came to the United States in 1992 at a young age of 18 from Leszno, Poland.  His journey in the automotive industry started just two years later in a Chicago based dealership.  His starting position was a porter(a porter’s primary job is washing the cars before the keys are handed to the customer).  His go getter attitude mixed with his passion for personal growth and interest in the business pushed him to ask for a chance to sell cars at that same dealership.  Reluctant at first the managment gave him a chance to sell one day a week on Saturdays whilst keeping his porter position.  Pursuing his picket white fence the American Dream was the only thing to keep him going through 6 day weeks with 12 hour shifts.  Slowly but surely the Saturday’s paid off as he built up his book of business and began to outsell the full-time employees. Six months later he joined the sales staff full time.  Never missing a day of work he drove on, thus  Sebastian Nowak’s career on the customer service side has begun.  For 4 years he was bringing in top numbers for the dealership asking only for more knowledge and experience.  With his mind open and ears yearning for new information he performed and listened.  Paying attention to all the aspects of the sale Sebastian garnered enough experience to understand that selling is not about a fancy silver tongue or manipulation or trickery, but instead about building genuine relationships and providing value to the customers.  People don’t buy because of the price or the product but because of the way they are treated.  In 1998 Seba received an offer to sell for a larger dealership, a dealership that shared his values and invested in technology.  They allowed him to explore new sales tactics and employ a customer first strategy which drove him to consecutively outpace every single salesperson on the team for three straight years.  For this accolade Sebastian was promoted to Sales Manager where he received the insight into the overall picture of the industry.  He immediately discovered how broken the industry was from the inside. Before making his final judgment on the business he decided that he needed to attain more knowledge so short two years later he requested a placement as a manager in the finance department.  The dealership spotted his passion for growth and gave him the opportunity to test his skills in the so called box. In three months he mastered the process and started enacting his customer first strategy that allowed him to become the finance director in two short years where he was in charge of 400 plus deals per month. Prevailing his success he sought more, and ‘he who seeks finds’ and thus he was offered an opportunity to lead a team of sales managers at another location as a GSM.  Making his name known it only took a few years until he got an offer to run an entire dealership where he got to employ his customer first strategy on a grander scale.  The dealerships sales soared and people were raving about how different the process and approach was from the ‘slick-haired sleazy sales stereotype’.  Sebastian was receving 4-5 offers per day to do the same to other businesses.  His knowledge of how broken and unchanged the industry has been since the 70’s allowed him massive success and opportunity.  He took over another location with the promise of possible partnership in the future.  Unfortunately that location’s brand pulled out from the U.S. market leaving the formerly New Car location a Used Car Lot.  However that didn’t stop Sebastian, he unraveled his tactic and the Used Car Lot was extremely succesfull exceeding numbers every month, but Sebastian wanted to have a larger impact, his goal was to change the idea of the car buying experience.  Thus shortly after he moved to the biggest dealership in Illinois seeking to build up their commercial side knowing that it is the portion needing the most work.  Business owners and enterpreneurs alike have a plethora of problems on their shoulders already, they certainly do not want to deal with the hassles of car shopping and sleazy sales people, they just want a workhorse to perform their business functions.  Sebastian put on his work gloves and dug in.  Building up the inventory and offering interstate delivery as well as a red carpet buying process he quickly purported the dealership in Skokie to the top of leaderboards within FCA.  They were the top Ram Promaster Center for FCA in the US for two years under his guidance.  Unfortunately, they did not share his vision, they put profits before employees and customers alike and Sebastian’s various pleadings for change fell on deaf ears.  That same year, his father Czeslaw Nowak fell ill and was on his final breath.  Seba Nowak rushed to spend the last few days with his father and used the return trip home as a self discovery and spiritual trip to figure out his next move.  He came home and requested a meeting with the senior leadership of the center.  They did not share his vision and they did not wish to pursue further growth and adaptation of the customer first model.  They were greedy and focused on current profits only.  Mr. Nowak was forced to resign.  His longtime friend who knew him for his tenacity and passion for a different car business in the modern world of exponentially advancing technology invited him to join the Jack Phelan Family who welcomed him with open arms and allowed him free reign of the commercial department and to pursue his revolutionized customer first model.  They not only supported him but adapted the same idea to other sides of the business.  And so we arrive to today, January 2019 with Jack Phelan being the Number One Ram Promaster Center in the United States with Sebastian at the helm.  Delivering to all 50 states and making the process as simple and headache free as possible earned Sebastian the title of Commercial Sales Director and his vision is being enacted.  Join the family and partner with Sebastian for your next business vehicle purchase and you will have a quick, painless shopping experience that will change the way you view car buying from the old slick haired methods of the 70’s to the revolutionized 21st Century, where you and your business come first. This is only the beginning of change and of Sebastians dream to change the way people buy cars.

You can always reach out to Sebastian directly via his Cell Phone number : 847 910 3837, his personal e-mail [email protected] or find him on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram @RamPromaster.US. Text or call, you come first! That is the Seba Promise! We will get you driving! Headache Free!


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